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July 29

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Here are seven tips for snacks this summer!

1. Focus on the Five 
Remember, it is recommended that you get five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, and a snack break should help you meet that goal!

2. Go Nuts for Nuts 
A handful of mixed nuts will give you energy and heart-healthy fiber.

3. You Want a Rush, not a Crash 
Think about what foods are going to give you energy to keep going and to hold you over until the next meal. A sugary snack may taste good, but it will leave you feeling hungry again shortly after eating it.

4. Read the Food Label 
Don’t rely on the claims on the front of the box. Dig a little deeper into the nutrition facts to assess fat, sugars and sodium amounts and the ingredient statement to look for added sugars and trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils).

5. Keep Your Eye on It 
If your fruit and veggies are stored in an attractive bowl and you can see them, or if they are convenient to eat because you have already washed and cut them, you will be much more likely to choose them when hunger hits. Wash and chop produce when you get home from the store and portion out in snack baggies for a grab-and-go snack. Put baggies at eye level so children see them when they open the refrigerator. 

6. Plan It 
If you have planned what your daily snacks will be, in addition to your meals, you will be more likely to stick to your plan and can fight against last-minute cravings. Also, by planning your snacks and meals and shopping from a list you create from that plan, you save not only calories but dollars at the store. 

7. Jazz Up Your Water 
Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, orange or grapefruit slices, frozen berries or sprig of mint to add natural flavor to your H20.

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